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Terrain Park Arsenal

December 3, 2015

What you can expect this year from Timberline’s Terrain Park?

terrain park arsenalWe’ve been busy in the off season creating new features to add to our ever-evolving terrain park arsenal. Along with refurbishing our current box, rail, and jib inventory we have built some new, creative features. To start, we built six new rails for our Conway’s Terrain Park, a handful of 8” round rails along with two C-RAILS!

We are really excited about our 8” no-skirt flat down rail. We re-purposed a propane tank to make two propane tank bonks and two propane tank rollers.  The best way to describe the propane tank roller is to imagine slicing a cylinder in half length-wise.  Sitting about one foot off the ground, they should be a great jib for our beginner shredders to learn some weight/un-weighting movement. These also serve as a unique addition to our existing features in the larger parks, a secondary “urban” lip.

12105783_975789625775893_3229169309472870189_nOur most significant addition is four new “pre-season” features, designed to be set in only a little bit of snow. These are short features, with wide stable legs. They are solid and easy to set up in our earliest of pre-season riding.  These features include two kinked 6” rails, a flat rail, and a flat box.

We are always innovating and adding to our terrain park arsenal. Come up and check it out!

Written by
Tyler Wike
Timberline Terrain Park Manager




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