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The best terrain parks on Mt Hood

January 11, 2017

best terrain parks on mt hoodTimberline Lodge delivers the best terrain parks on Mt Hood and the Pacific Northwest

We want to be the most progressive and best terrain parks on Mt Hood. Timberline terrain parks take influence from Portland’s world renowned concrete skate parks. We strive to create parks that have endless lines and combinations. You can have a different run each time you drop in. That concept is doubled-down on Paintbrush Flow Park. Bowls, hips, and transitions cover the run in an attempt to bring a Burnside feel to our side of the mountain.


best terrain park on mt hood timberlineTimberline’s Park Crew is made up of two crews that work hand-in-hand. First we have our grooming crew, the unsung heroes of the mountain. They work while you sleep, pushing snow and grooming out the parks to offer a pristine product first thing every single morning. Next is the day crew. They head out every morning, sometimes as early as 6am, to set features, tune take-offs, and work with the grooming crew for tomorrow night’s plan. Every Thursday, both crews meet with other key departments. They discuss that week’s build plans, safety, trends in freestyle terrain, and the current state of Timberline’s freestyle offerings.

New for 2017, we have built a few new urban-influenced features. These include rails with pole jams built onto the front, ledges built onto boxes to add more combo-ability, and larger, angled plaza-style features. We have also changed the park crew scheduling to allow for more creative rebuilds more often. This keeps it fresh and fun all season long.

Below you will find a quick description of our parks starting with the smallest and working up


This is the park for absolute novices to freestyle terrain. Tucked away on Pucci (away from judging eyes) to allow for a comfortable introduction to terrain parks. Features built to get you comfortable in the park as well as giving you the tools to take your freestyle game to the next level!

thunder terrain parkThunder

The next step in progression. Thunder has slightly larger jumps and a mixture of smaller rails and boxes. It’s under the lights so you can keep stunting once the sun goes down and the lights come on! The Thunder Park is the perfect place to get introduced to freestyle concepts you will encounter as you work your way into our larger parks.


A three pack of small to medium jumps, the progression zone to hit up before taking your bag of hammers to the larger parks on the mountain.


Every terrain park rider’s dream come true! Conway’s is our medium park.  It starts off with three to four medium jumps progressing larger as you ride them. It sends you into a killer mixture of rails, snow features, and creative combos that promises to leave you tired at the end of the day but hungry for more. By far the most popular terrain park we offer. Updated weekly to keep the stoke high and smiles on the faces of even the best riders on the planet.

best terrain parks on mt. hoodSpray Paint and Paintbrush

Spray Paint offers our largest jumps on the mountain, leading directly to the Paint Brush Flow Park. Rarely has a name been so fitting as with Paintbrush. You are a Bob Ross on snow in this park! Happy little hips, bowls, tabletops, spines, and banked turns guarantee that if you are feeling creative enough, you won’t do the same run twice. Totally influenced by Oregon’s legendary concrete skate parks, it’s a right-brained personality built out of snow to be ridden however you see fit. At the end of Paintbrush you will encounter the Show Time zone. The largest rail features live here, in plain site of everyone riding Stormin’ Norman, so bring your “A game” because all eyes are on you. And new for 2017, Paintbrush is home to the Wally’s Pepper Sauce Rail Jam Series.

The Timberline Freestyle Department is fully-focused. We are dedicated to bringing you not just the best terrain parks on Mt Hood, but the best terrain parks on Mt Hood for every rider type and ability level. Do you have a dream feature in mind? Want to give some feedback? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and shoot us a message with your ideas because you never know, we may make your dream feature a reality!

XOXO- Park Crew