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Timberline’s Mt Hood Brewing Co…a brewery with an altitude!

The Mt Hood Brewing Company began operations in January of 1991 serving locally-produced beers and hearty pub-style cuisine in a warm, friendly, family atmosphere. One year and ten months later, in October 1992, the newly constructed ten barrel-sized brewery rolled out its first barrel of beer under the watchful eye of Brewmaster Jon B. Graber. Eight distinctive ales are produced by the marriage of pure glacial water, Pacific Northwest grown barley and hops, and the inspiration of the Mt Hood Brewing Co’s brewers. These delightful beers can be enjoyed ath the Mt Hood Brewing Co brewpub in Government Camp and throughout Timberline’s other Mt Hood restaurants. Oregonians can also find these ales on draft at restaurants throughout the state. Many people seek them out after returning home from a trip to the mountains.

Resurrected from the time of the first heyday of American brewers in the late 1800′s, the current Mt Hood Brewing Co is named for a brewery originally founded around the turn of the last century in the Southeast part of the city of Portland, Oregon, 60 miles to the East in the Willamette Valley. Operated by the Wilhelm family for a number of years, it was eventually absorbed into the historic Henry Weinhardt Brewery. Like many other smaller breweries, it was founded by an old-world brewer, built up successfully and eventually purchased by a much larger company.

The new Mt Hood Brewing Co has been founded upon the notion that, like the best wines, bakery goods, and other perishable products, beer is best produced in small, hand-crafted batches; with the highest quality ingredients obtainable; and sold for consumption very close to its source. With this concept in mind, the brewery has been kept intentionally small and the geographical range of its distribution within Oregon borders. Thousands of skiers, fisherman, hikers, tourists and locals have enjoyed the pub that has now become an institution on the south slope of Mount Hood.