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Go Team USA!


We love the Winter Olympics! Of course, we think the major ski and snowboard events are the best, but we are biased. The Winter Olympics are an extra special time here at Timberline because so many of the Olympians train here each and every summer. Timberline’s Palmer Snowfield, is the training ground and the proving ground for the best athletes from both the ski and snowboard worlds.  And now, we get to see that hard work and dedication pay off as they compete on the “world’s stage.”

So say what you will about scandals, excessive spending, screw-ups, and security threats, we think the Winter Olympics are a wonderful celebration of winter, winter sports, and the human pursuit of athletic excellence.  I’ll guarantee that’s what’ll be on our TV screens here in the Wy’East Day Lodge. Come up and join in as we cheer our athletes on to victory. With the XXII Winter Olympics about to kick off in Sochi, we just want to say “Go Team USA!”