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During the winter months, Timberline is where families come to learn and play. We also provide more challenging terrain for the thrill seekers among us and Palmer is open just as long as the snow depths allow. Winter employment at Timberline Lodge fills up fast, so give us a call in October and let’s see if YOU can be part of TEAM TIMBERLINE!

Winter season begins when Mother Nature blesses us with enough fluffy white stuff to open the lower lifts, usually right before Thanksgiving in November. However, early snow, means early opening. The winter season will last until the end of May (yep, MAY), when we switch gears and become the SUMMER SKI capital of the world!

Winter hiring will begin in October and most positions will be filled by the second week of November. However, we do hire year-round at Timberline, so give us a call and we may be able to “hook you up”. See all Timberline jobs that are currently available, as well as our Employee Benefits.

Following is some useful information about our hiring process, please read through it carefully. Also enclosed is information about Government Camp, the closest village to Timberline, and the location of closest housing.

If you have any questions about employment, please feel free to contact our Human Resources Office:

The Application Process
ONLY completed applications are processed. If you have submitted a resume or other materials but have not submitted our completed application, please complete that at this time and return to us via fax at 503-272-3710. Download and save the Timberline Application to your computer. Open it in Adobe Reader (to get the free Adobe Reader software, click HERE). Complete the application and email it to Alternately, you may print the form, complete it, mail it to Timberline Lodge, Timberline, OR 97028, fax it to us at: (503) 272-3710.

On the third page of the application is a section for you to mark the positions you are interested in working. NOTE: applications completed with ANY or WHATEVER in the “positions applying for” section will not be processed.

Please list as many positions as your qualifications allow, in order of preference. Make sure all questions and sections are complete and the application is signed. NOTE: Evening positions or part-time positions are difficult to come by. If you are not available, or not willing, to work days and weekends, please understand that your application may not be processed until all necessary positions have been filled. We realize that folks come here to ride. It is important to understand that we EXPECT our staff to put work as their first priority.

Your interviews will be based on your experience and not on your schedule preference.

Applications must be turned in to the Human Resources Office and not directly to the Supervisor or Managers.

Once received, your application will be reviewed for completeness, your qualifications and experience will be reviewed, and copies will be sent to the hiring manager in the department we believe is the best fit for your skills.

Hiring managers will contact you directly to schedule interview times.

NOTE: Offering over-the-phone interviews is completely at the discretion of the hiring manger. If you wish to be considered for an over-the-phone interview, you must provide at least (2) written letters of recommendation. There is no guarantee of over-the-phone interviews. The hiring manager will perform the interview, check references and make job offers. You must be able to furnish the required I9 documents prior to employment.

Season Passes
Winter employee season passes are only $25 at Timberline. We ask that our staff realize the pass is a privilege and not a right. Abuse of the pass WILL result in loss of the pass. Staff must maintain a spotless attendance record in order to be eligible for pass privileges. Supervisors have the right to “pull” passes at any time. All employees must have their pass on them any time they try to ride our lifts. Check out all of Timberline’s Employee Benefits.

Government Camp
Government Camp is located at the bottom of the access road to Timberline Lodge. Originally a government outpost during the construction of the Barlow Trail Road across Mt. Hood, “Govy” is a village not a town. Within the village of Government Camp you will find everything a small community needs; groceries, gas, restaurants, local watering holes, equipment rentals and sales, ski and snowboard clothing sales, liquor store, post office, museums, and etc. Washer and dryer facilities are available in Govy.

The “Big” City
Portland is located just 60 minutes from Government Camp. As you leave Govy and head toward Portland on Highway 26 West, you will encounter many smaller communities and towns along the way. Only 10 miles from Govy is Rhododendron, another couple of miles is Zig Zag and Welches, about 10 miles out of Welches you hit Sandy, then Gresham…then Portland. The further west you go, the larger the towns become. Pretty much everything you would ever need, you can find in Sandy. For the real night-life of the city, downtown Portland has it all.

Transportation To and From Work
A large portion of our staff do not own vehicles and it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Most folks who live in the Govy area simply walk the half block from Government Camp to the bottom of the access road to Timberline and “thumb it”. Year-round staff and staff who commute from farther down the mountain will stop and pick up staff without hesitation. There is no cost for this short trip, but the occasional buck or two toward the gas tank is greatly appreciated.

Another option is the Mt Hood Express bus, which now offers service from Sandy through the villages of Mt Hood and up to Timberline Lodge. Mt Hood Express Bus Schedule

Pay Information
Paydays are twice a month on the 7th and the 22nd. View all the other Employee Benefits R.L.K. and Co offers.