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Timberline offers a limited climber snowcat transport service for mountaineers climbing Mt Hood.

A ride on one of our snowcats to the 8,500 foot level can provide mountaineers quicker summit attempts by knocking off 2,500 vertical feet of climbing normally required from Timberline Lodge.

Our service is primarily in place for our guide groups who do business here, such as Timberline Mountain Guides (TMG) – the most established professional guided climbing company on Mt. Hood. If you want to plan a great climb to the summit, we highly recommend contacting TMG at:

Once the guide groups have scheduled their cat transports for the season (typically by mid-February), a limited number of times will remain open for other organized groups wishing to make reservations.

Fuel and labor rates have risen sharply over the past few years, and our rates have not kept up with this increase. We are raising the cost of our snowcat transportation service to keep pace with our expenses, while still keeping the rate at what we feel is a very reasonable level *under $50 per person on a fully booked transport.

Snowcat Transport Reservation Details

The cost is $500 per trip. *Reservations are taken for the entire cat only, not individual seats in the cat. The cat seats a maximum of 12 people with gear. Timberline does not offer any services for facilitating group organization – you must do this on your own. If you are a group leader making a reservation and would like more people to share it, a good place to post your openings would be the website or similar climber sites. The group organizer booking the cat is responsible for payment.

All trips require payment  in full by credit card at the time of booking.

Scheduling Trips

  • -March 15th through Memorial Day – climber cat trip may be scheduled for most nights with minimum 72 hour advance notice.
  • -After Memorial Day through July 31 (or earlier depending on climbing conditions) – climber cat trips may be available only Thursday, Friday and Sunday mornings between midnight and 4am. Reservations must be made with a minimum 72 hour advance notice.

Cat trips are scheduled on a first come, first served basis and are scheduled on the hour. Passengers must have gear and permits in order and be ready to board the cat at the scheduled time so the snowcat operator can stay on schedule. If you are late for your reserved time, the snowcat operator cannot wait for you.

Refunds / Cancellations

Weather cancellations of a cat reservation require a 24 hour advance notice.  Refunds for weather cancellations will be determined if over 50% of the groups cancel based on weather. If at least 50% of groups climb, no refunds will be granted.

Cancellation must be made by phone at (503) 272-3106. “No Show” groups and groups who fail to give 24 hours notice will not be eligible for refund. Messages are checked often, so be sure to leave one at that number.


All climbing parties are required to carry a mountain locating unit (MLU) and/or a cell phone. The snowcat operator will ask to see it. If the group does not have one then the operator will refuse to transport the group and the group will forfeit their payment in full.

All crampons, ice axes and other sharp objects must be stowed in the box on the outside of the cat.

The group leader of each group, as well as each person in their group, will be required to read and sign a, “climber snow cat agreement”. If the group refuses then the snowcat operator will not transport them and the group will lose their payment.

All climbing parties are required to have a wilderness permit. Permits may be obtained at the climber registration kiosk in the main entrance of the Wy’East Day Lodge. A copy of the permit is left at the climber’s registration kiosk; the climbing party keeps another copy. If the climbing party does not have a wilderness permit the snowcat operator will refuse to take the group and the group will lose their payment.

Climbers must remain seated at all times while the cat is in motion.

For further information or to inquire about reservations, please contact:

Jezrai Velasco
Mountain Department
Timberline Lodge
Timberline, OR 97028
503 272-3106
Fax 503 272-3146