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At 11,249 feet, the summit of Mt. Hood stands tall over the Pacific Northwest Landscape, a mecca for mountaineering. Getting to its peak is no easy task. Be prepared, go with Timberline Mountain Guides, and your reward will be nothing short of amazing.

Mt. Hood has an excellent variety of mountain climbing routes to accommodate anyone’s interest. All of the mountaineering routes are technical climbs requiring the use of ice axe and crampons, as well as the knowledge of how to use them. Even the easiest routes on the mountain require steep, exposed, roped mountain climbing on snow. Contrary to popular belief, Mt. Hood is not a ‘walk-up’ climb, so be prepared, get in shape, and have a fantastic mountaineering experience on Oregon’s highest peak!

We highly recommend contacting Timberline Mountain Guides before beginning your mountaineering adventure. Timberline Mountain Guides have received professional mountaineering training through the American Mountain Guides Association, and all have wilderness-based medical training. To be a professional guide, one must be committed to their own learning process, as well as their clients’, through specialized training and personal experience. It is this dedication to professional training and raising the bar for mountain guiding standards in America that sets Timberline Mountain Guides apart from other guide services.

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