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Timberline uses PistenBully SNOWsat, an innovative slope and fleet management system with snow depth measurement, which is based on satellite-guided positioning. SNOWsat reduces fuel consumption and downtime, while improving snow quality and increasing safety with lower environmental impact.

Snow Depth Data March 29, 2017

Location Elevation Snow Depth
Palmer Upper Terminal 8477.73 feet 36.44 feet
Bean’s Run 7310.15 feet 63.11 feet

Palmer Upper Terminal

Bean's Run

Via touchscreen in our snowcats, our drivers have a real-time display of snow depth with an accuracy of measurement to within +/- 3 cm. The snow depth displays for the vehicle’s current position and the areas that have already been groomed, which increases efficiency. SNOWsat also increases safety by providing a clear display of anchor points, slope barriers, and other infrastructure on the resort.

The analysis software being used with SNOWsat enables the slope and fleet managers to access diverse information and perform additional analysis processes. This results in diverse effects: optimized workflows and vehicle routes, for example, increase efficiency and also reduce fuel consumption. Vehicle data, snow depths, and snow conditions are displayed easily and clearly on a map of the whole ski resort.

Snow deposits can be identified and used at snow-poor locations to guarantee a full snow covering throughout the entire season. Timberline Lodge and Ski Area is then able to provide an extended ski season thanks to efficient use of snow resources.

SNOWsat touchscreens assist Timberline's snowcat drivers
SNOWsat touchscreens assist Timberline's snowcat drivers
SNOWsat touchscreen shows snow depth and groomed areas
SNOWsat touchscreen shows snow depth and groomed areas