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Sustainability. Environmental Stewardship. Historic Preservation. RLK and Company has operated Timberline Lodge since 1955. We possess a long-term commitment to people, to the environment, and to the preservation of National Historic Landmark Timberline Lodge.

Ski Green
Timberline supports renewable energy and is pleased to partner with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offer you an opportunity to offset the impact of your drive to the mountain by adding wind energy offsets to your lift ticket ($2) or season pass ($20). Volunteer BEF Wind Energy Offsets (previously referred to as “Green Tags”) contributions can be made upon purchasing your day ticket or season pass. The funds raised go to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation which funds efforts towards more clean, wind energy projects, in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s working! Over the course of the program’s existence, all of the resorts and individual skiers and snowboarders who have participated in the program have worked together to create over 7,000 megawatt hours of non-polluting wind energy. Theoretically, 9.8 million pounds of polluting CO2 were kept out of the atmosphere because Ski Green resorts such as Timberline came together with customers and the BEF to work on this program tailored for ski areas . One Wind Energy Offset represents a reduction of 1,500 pounds (approximately .07 metric tons) of greenhouse gas emissions by generating 1000 kWh of clean, wind energy. This is the equivalent to approximately 10 car trips to and from Portland and Mt. Hood. To learn more, visit
We support the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) through the purchase of renewable energy certificates or carbon offsets.

BEF blends the integrity, transparency and resourcefulness of the nonprofit world with the principles of a successful business. They strategically invest financial resources, knowledge and hard work to create meaningful and measurable changes in our nation’s use of energy and water resources.

We believe in protecting the places we play, and we welcome you to get involved.

National Forest FoundationTimberline Lodge is a proud partner with the National Forest Foundation, and through this partnership we are able to give our guests opportunities to get involved in volunteer days and travel philanthropy. The National Forest Foundation embodies the early spirit of the American conservation movement by empowering people to care for the natural resources they need and the wild places they love.

Our annual “Friends of the Forest Day” provides an opportunity for guests to volunteer here on the Mt. Hood National Forest. This past summer, trail volunteers pitched in to help with trail maintenance and applying a preservative stain to the cedar woodwork in our historic amphitheater.

Also, Timberline is a partner with the National Forest Foundation’s Ski Conservation Fund, a way for recreationalists to lend financial support for protecting the forest surrounding Timberline lodge. Every time a guest stays at Timberline, they have the option of donating $1 per room night to this fund. This money then becomes available for grants to local nonprofits to carry out restoration work on the Mt. Hood National Forest.

To learn more about the National Forest Foundation, visit their web site at

Timberline Lodge has completed Tier 2 of the Oregon Sustainable Business Challenge! As a result of our commitment to sustainable practices, we have achieved Gold status.

For more information on this program administered through Travel Oregon, visit their web site at:

Timberline Lodge and National Forest Foundation partner to support Collaborative Effort in Salmon River Historic Side Channel Restoration

Salmon River, OR. – (August 9, 2012) A significant side channel habitat restoration project on the Salmon River benefitting threatened salmon and steelhead trout and sensitive amphibian and invertebrate species will get underway this week. The project was made possible from a broad-based partnership between the USDA Forest Service, Timberline Lodge, National Forest Foundation, The Freshwater Trust, Bureau of Land Management, Sandy River Basin Watershed Council, and Sandy River Basin Partners. The restoration project will reactivate a historic side channel and add large wood to a site in the Salmon River in an effort to increase fish spawning habitat, provide refuge for juvenile fish, reduce the magnitude of floods, and increase habitat complexity for all aquatic species.

Partial funding of the Salmon River side channel restoration project is from a partnership between Timberline Lodge and the National Forest Foundation (NFF).Timberline Lodge, a National Historic Landmark and year ‘round destination for alpine recreation is located in the heart of the Mount Hood National Forest. RLK and Company, operators of Timberline, recognize that they are operating within a cherished natural landscape valued for its natural resources as well as its scenic, historic, recreational, and economic characteristics. Timberline is proud to participate in this side channel restoration project through the NFF’s Ski Conservation Fund. The Ski Conservation Fund (SCF) provides a way for overnight guests of Timberline Lodge to make voluntary contributions to support local stewardship and restoration work on the National Forest, making it an even better place to live and play. NFF leverages additional matching funds with those guest contributions, multiplying conservation impacts and resources available to nonprofit partners like the Sandy River Basin Watershed Council to implement projects that directly benefit the Mount Hood National Forest.

About the National Forest Foundation
Founded by Congress in 1991, the National Forest Foundation works to conserve, restore and enhance America’s 193-million-acre National Forest System. Through community-based strategies and public-private partnerships, the NFF enhances wildlife habitat, revitalizes wildfire-damaged landscapes, restores watersheds, and improves recreational resources for the benefit of all Americans. The NFF’s Treasured Landscapes, Unforgettable Experiences national conservation campaign is uniting public and private partners to conduct large-scale forest and watershed restoration and revitalize ecosystem resiliency in iconic National Forest System sites around the nation. To learn more, visit us at