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Transportation Update – Fusion Shuttle & More


Last Weekend For Mt. Hood Fusion Shuttle

With Mt. Hood Skibowl opening up for full operations, this will be the LAST weekend we run the Mt. Hood Fusion Shuttle. As a courtesy and service to our pass holders, we took on the added expense of operating this shuttle as a supplemental mode of transportation to the new Mt. Hood Express for the past three weekends while Skibowl had limited operations. This weekend the Free Fusion Shuttle (and the $2 Mt. Hood Express) will be picking up in front of Collins Lake at the transit stop. Parking will be available on the Government Camp Loop Road to the West of the Collins Lake Resort entrance. Please follow all posted parking restrictions in Government Camp.

MHXOur original plan of transitioning completely to the Mt. Hood Express for public transportation between Skibowl and Timberline (and up/down the HWY26 corridor to Sandy) will go into effect starting next weekend – February 15th, 2014.

Please remember, improving transportation to Mt. Hood is an ongoing effort. Both Timberline and Mt. Hood Skibowl have invested heavily in the startup costs of the new Mt. Hood Express. While this is a different model than what the previous Mt. Hood Fusion Pass Shuttle has offered, we decided it was a greater benefit to more people including our valued pass holders. For details on schedule, bus fare, and answers to frequently asked questions please visit

Timberline Parking Lots – Drop Offs Always Welcome

If the parking lots at Timberline become full, we will put a sign at the bottom of the road along with an attendant to help direct people to additional parking in Government Camp. We ALWAYS allow cars to drop off passengers – even if our lots are full. Just let the attendant know that you need to drop people off, and will return to park somewhere in Government Camp. Please do not try to get past the attendant just to find a spot in the lot – we park cars very efficiently and if we say the lot is full, it really is. Don’t waste the trip up – it costs you more money in gas and causes un-needed congestion in our lots. As space becomes available, we will remove the sign and allow cars to travel up the road.