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Live Music in the Market Cafe


3:00pm to 6:00pm every Saturday live music in the Market Cafe! Skip the traffic and get in on a little Apres Ski action! Weekly food and drink specials!

Lonesome BilliesThis Week: Lonesome Billies

The badlands of western Hazel Dell are not known for much of anything; much less for a band of degenerates known as The Lonesome Billies. You see, The Billies grew up together; from seeds to tumbleweeds, they caroused every square inch of Hazel Dell, and it didn’t take long for the Billies to be 86′d from every saloon, honky tonk, and dive they came across. So on they went, banished to the small coastal town of Useless Bay. It’s a miserable place where hope crawls away to die and the deadbeats, misfits, and lowlifes welcome you with open arms. Hell, any band with a guitar and half a melody can find a gig in Useless Bay. It was within the putrid confines of Useless Bay that The Lonesome Billies began to brandish their own dark and dusty style of door swingin, boot stompin, whiskey drinkin, gator hootin, country and western music.