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Teamwork built Timberline Lodge in 1937. Let it be the foundation for your group to become even closer. We offer these team building ideas and many other meeting services for corporate retreats, family reunions and holiday parties.

Bring your team and join us for a NEW team building offering – a lively, creative, interactive, painting party! Gather the team and let the paint fly while each person paints their own masterpiece to take home. Choose from four Timberline Lodge exclusive images and then follow an instructor who will walk you through painting step by step. Your team can relax and be creative, do something new together, and have something to show for it too. $35.00 per person.

Timberline Lodge is over 75 years old and there is a little bit of that history tucked into every nook and cranny. Your team will have fun using clues and taking pictures of Timberline’s treasures as you race other teams to the finale – a slide show of your shenanigans. The Scavenger Hunt takes place inside the lodge and takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Teams need a camera phone with emailing capability to participate. First, second and third place prices included. $25.00 per person.

Armed with a box of mystery ingredients and a bottle of booze, teams are challenged to create a tasty concoction. The winning drink will be selected by a Timberline Lodge bartender and enjoyed by all. Teams have 30 minutes, glassware and ingredients to complete. Includes keepsake shot glass. $35.00 per person.

There’s nothing like a day on the slopes to reminisce about with your team-mates. Special rates on lessons and lift tickets are available for groups of 15 or more.  Please inquire for rates.

Not only will teams enjoy the physical challenge of exploring nature, but they’ll enjoy the mental exercise of efficiently navigating to a series of checkpoints with a detailed map and a compass. It’s easy to learn and a fun way to exercise your body and mind as you enjoy the outdoors. With instructions from a guide, teams will learn how to work together to navigate the mountain in search of a “lost climber”.  Or, in the winter months. compete with your fellow comrades to see who can build the best igloo the quickest. $55 – $75 per person. Offered through Life-Outside (503) 515-3022.

Enjoy a friendly game of shuffle board or ping pong in the Barlow Room, along with Wii competitions or movie, board games and corn hole. Includes popcorn, lemonade & soft drinks.  $15.00 per person.

Learn about the flora, fauna and geology of Mt Hood on a nature hike with a USFS guide or learn about the building of the Timberline Lodge. 10 person minimum. $4.00 per person.

Experience our wine vault as a “three dimensional” version of our wine list.  The wine vault was once the bank vault for the lodge, now converted to a tastier purpose!  Enjoy touring the wine vault where all wines are on display and sample wines from our Northwest wine list.  Our wine list has been awarded the “Best Oregon Wine List” for the last five consecutive years. Minimum 8 people and maximum 15. Rates shown are person. Please add 19.5% gratuity.

NW Wines 101: you will enjoy learning about and tasting four of the best known wine varietals in our region from our very own expert who has been perfecting our wine list for the last 20 years.  One hour, cheese & cracker palate cleanser.  $49.00 per person.

Tour and taste three wines. $17.00 per person.

Tour and taste three wines, also includes international cheese & cracker palate cleanser. $20.50 per person.

Extended tour and talk, taste four wines, also includes five hors d’oeuvres.  $38.00 per person.

What better way to instill camaraderie than with ghost stories and s’mores by the campfire? The best part? Retiring to your plush and cozy beds instead of a sleeping bag. We set up the campfire and keep the wood coming.  If the weather is on the wet side stay indoors on comfy couches fireside in our main lobby. Includes s’mores, bottled water and soft drinks and available in conjunction with an overnight stay or a meeting. $15.00 per person.  Add Mountain Man Storyteller Steve Buchan for $195.00.

Take a tour of the mountain on a Timberline snowcat!  45 minute to one hour tour of the upper mountain.  The snowcat seats 12. $275.00 per hour in conjunction with an event.