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Heidi’s Adventures Continue

Heidi’s Week in Review By Leslie Skellenger  Another week has flown by with many new adventures for Heidi! Heidi was lucky enough to take a snowcat trip up to the top of the Palmer Snowfield with a group of guests on an absolutely beautiful day. She was impressed with the snowcat’s comfortable ride, and approved of the […]Read More
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    Spring on Mt Hood

    To quote Robin Williams, “SPRING IS NATURE’S WAY OF SAYING, ‘LET’S PARTY!'” So, why not party at Timberline this Spring on Mt Hood? Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party!” on Mt Hood was by dumping over 40 inches of snow on the mountain during the last big storm (March 13-16). Timberline’s base snow depth of […]Read More
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      Training Heidi

      Heidi’s Week in Review By Leslie Skellenger  Heidi has had a full week! She keeps a regular schedule of several “meet and greets” with her adoring fans that fawn over her and give her lots of attention much to her delight. All of the Timberline Team members who handle Heidi for us try their best to […]Read More
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