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Timberline Lodge General Manager Mark Vincent Completes Marathons on All 7 Continents


Antarctica Marathn VincentMark Vincent, a Sandy resident, and the General Manager of Timberline Lodge is just back from running the Antarctica Marathon, an achievement that has allows him to join the “7 Continent Finishers Club,” an elite group of marathoners. In 2007 Vincent signed up for the New York City Marathon after his brother in law suffered a sudden heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery. “That was my proverbial wake up call to get in better shape and focus more on my health” said Vincent, who already had a love for long distance running. Standing at the starting line at the NYC Marathon, Vincent heard people talking about runners who were competing in marathons on every continent. He was immediately intrigued by this idea because of his passion for world travel. Later that year during a Timberline Directors Retreat, Timberline’s Area Operator Jeff Kohnstamm challenged each of his 4 directors to set a personal fulfillment goal for themselves. “It was then that this goal became clear to me.” says Vincent, “and I blurted out that I was going to run a marathon on each of the World’s 7 continents!”

While spending vacation time over the past several years traveling to exotic destinations with his family, Vincent successfully ran marathons in Rome, Marrakesh, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, and Sydney to add to his previous marathons in New York City, Portland, and Los Angeles. Only one race remained.  The final marathon to complete his goal would have to be the most remote continent of Antarctica.  While his wife Candice and daughter Abby chose to remain home for this one, earlier this month Mark joined a 10 day boat excursion with Marathon Tours and Travel, sailing from Tierra del Fuego, across the famous Drake Passage to the  Antarctic Peninsula.  On March 9th, a narrow favorable weather window allowed Mark and roughly 75 other runners from his ship to run and complete the 2014 Antarctica Marathon while being cheered on by 5000 penguins. Mark calls it his most difficult marathon, but also the most interesting and most rewarding. Here’s to fulfilling one’s goals. CONGRATULATIONS MARK!