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Hood to Coast



The 35th annual Hood to Coast Relay kicks off from Timberline Lodge on Friday, August 26 at 6:00am

The Hood To Coast Relay is an overnight, long-distance relay race. It is one of the longest and largest relays in the world, with 12,600 in Hood To Coast Relay, 18,000 total participants, including Portland To Coast Walk Relay and High School Challenge Relay. Considered to be on the “bucket list” for many a runner and walker, Hood To Coast has filled its team limit for the past 25 years, and 18 straight years on “Opening Day” of the lottery. The course runs approximately 320 km, 200 mi, with course length changes by 1-5 km each year due to small changes made by race organizers. Starting at Timberline Lodge on the slopes of Mount Hood, the tallest peak in Oregon, through the Portland metropolitan area, and over the Oregon Coast Range, finishing on the beach of Seaside on the Oregon Coast.